Direct Recharge

Recharging your number is super easy and fast. Enter your recharge number and the mobile number you want to recharge, then click GO. And you’re done!
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Enjoy Africell recharges starting 200 Kz only
If you recharge multiple times the new expiry date will start from the last recharge date
200 Kz
500 Kz
1000 Kz
2000 Kz
5000 Kz
10000 Kz
Recharge Everywhere
Multicaixa Express

For Multicaixa Express Payments, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to payments
  2. Select top-ups
  3. Then Africell
  4. Select the Entity
  5. Define the type of product (Balance or Packages)
  6. Type the number you want to top up
  7. Confirm the operation
  8. Enter the PIN and you are done
ATM Multicaixa

For Multicaixa ATM payments, please follow these steps

  1. In the menu, select Payments
  2. Select Service Payments 
  3. Select Telecommunications
  4. Then select Africell
  5. Select top-up 
  6. Select the type of charge, balance or data plan 
  7. Enter the phone number you want to charge
Selfcare Web

To recharge your phone via Selfcare web, please follow these steps:

  1. On this website go to MyAFricell
  2. Click on Recharge  
  3. Enter the number you wish to recharge 
  4. Next, enter the recharge number 

To recharge your phone via USSD, please follow these steps:

Dial *123#(recharge number)* and click call. 

For example:*123#000000000000* and click call