The First ESIM In Angola To Enter The Digital World

Switch to Africell at No Cost with eSIM:

eSIM is a digital SIM card that offers the possibility of adding a mobile plan with your operator without the need for a physical SIM card.

With Africell’s eSIM you can have several numbers on one phone.

Bundle Content Price (Kz) Validity (Days)
eSIM 5GB 3300 30 days
eSIM 10GB 6600 30 days
eSIM 15GB 9900 30 days
eSIM 20GB 13200 30 days
eSIM 30GB 19800 30 days
eSIM 50GB 30000 30 days
All packages are valid from the moment of subscription
Benefits of Africell eSIM

Get your Africell eSIM for free.

New customers get 10 GB free, and those who replace their SIM card with eSIM get 3 GB free.

Have several numbers on the same device for voice and/or mobile data tariffs.

Connectivity with multiple devices.

The SIM is integrated into the smartphone, so it can’t be broken or removed.

How to Get Africell eSIM

Check if your phone supports eSIM technology:
For Africell users, dial *123*9001#;
For other operators, dial *#06#;
If the phone supports it, the EID number will appear on the screen.

Visit your nearest Africell store and bring a valid identification document with you (ID card, passport or driving license) or WhatsApp 950 000 123.