Afrimoney is fast and secure mobile money solution, powered by Africell. Register by dialing *777# from any Africell number!

With an Afrimoney account you can:

  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Transfer Money
  • Buy Africell Services (Airtime and Data packages…)
  • Pay for various services (EPAL, ENDE and others)
  • Pay For Goods and Services
How to register?

If you are an Africell customer, you can activate your Afrimoney account right now!

To activate just follow the following steps:

1. Dial *777# from your Africell number
2. You will receive a short message to confirm the registration of your Afrimoney account, along with your default PIN (“XXXX”) which you must change to activate your account and start transacting.


Find the nearest Afrimoney Agent, Africell´s Stores or call the 777 Support line, for more information.

Once activated, you are ready to start using our wide range of services and being benefited from them.

If you have any questions or need help registering, you can always reach our customer care on by calling 777, for FREE, from any Africell line.
Why use Afrimoney?
1. Fast

All Afrimoney payments are made instantly, with no need to wait for money to arrive.

2. Secure

A personal Afrimoney PIN code is required for every transaction. This means your money is safe even if you lose your phone.

3. Convenient

Money transfer, airtime top-up, bill payment, salary payments, etc… Anytime and anywhere!

4. Accessible

Accessible to all people, with no need to have a smartphone, for either registration of transacting.

Terms and conditions Afrimoney Angola is Regulated by the Central Bank of Angola