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Before you leave tips

Roaming Tips

For a smooth roaming experience Africell is easy and convenient. Just follow the tips below:

Before you leave the country:
Check International Roaming Coverage & Rates using the roaming selector tool Recharge your line with sufficient airtime to cover your expected voice and Data consumption during your stay
While in Out of Country:

When you arrive in your destination country, restart your device by turning it off and on (Not in Airplane Mode). Some general guidelines are:


If the network appears automatically, restart the device, and then manually select the preferred network from your device’s network settings.


For continuous roaming connectivity, please ensure Roaming Data & Mobile Data is turned on, APN settings are correct (APN: INTERNET). In case of dual sim device, please make sure the correct SIM card is selected.

If you are not interested in using data roaming, make sure that the Data Roaming option is turned off on your device.

When calling double check the numbers dialled are using the international format (for instance +244 for Angola).

Unresolved problem

For any unresolved problem while roaming, please call +244 95 018 0123 by mentioning your location, mobile number, and description of the problem through it:

[The calling rate from your visiting country to Angola will apply].